owner + lead photographer


I'm Grace and I am a wedding and engagement photographer based in Minneapolis, MN. I have traveled out east, through the midwest, and abroad in Europe to shoot weddings and more!

It all started out with my dad's 30 year-old Minolta camera (the very first and revolutionary autofocus SLR camera in 1985) that I would shoot with to finish assignments in my film photography class in high school. I spent hours in a dark room developing and printing my own photos from scratch. These days I am grateful for the convenience that technology brings us, and I appreciate the raw techniques learned from my photography class that I continue to apply today while googling new techniques, watching Youtube videos, and attending workshops with other photographers like me. 

I have done a variety of work from seniors, families, travel, real estate and creating social media content, though I found my heartfelt niche for wedding and engagement photography. 

I have learned from working with couples that each session is a unique interaction that sometimes cannot be put in words. It is an emotion. It is a connection. And photography can speak volumes in the beauty about us.

Photos by Laura Ivanova Photography

Photos by Laura Ivanova Photography