Kelsey & Reed - A surprise proposal at Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, MN

A couple days ago, Reed texted me and asked for my help in capturing his proposal at the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, MN. This is my first time capturing a proposal ever and I was so excited and so glad it worked out! Being that this was my first surprise proposal, I prepped myself by watching a couple youtube videos to see how other photographers did it and scrolled through a couple blogs. There’s ALWAYS room to grow and learn no matter what stage you are in your career and I picked up some great tips.

The day prior to the proposal, I did a quick run through at the location around the same time we would be shooting at. I was a bit worried as the sun was high above around 6pm in mid-September and there were a lot of people around. Thankfully, the area was back lit (if you are shooting with Mill City in the background). On the day of the proposal, I arrived about 45 minutes early to give myself time to scope out the location and lighting. I communicated with Reed where I was posted and I just waited. I had two camera bodies (35 mm and a 100 mm) stuffed in my bag and was ready to go. As Reed and Kelsey arrived, the sun was just about to start setting - what perfect timing! I followed Reed and Kelsey and walked behind; Reed kneeled and proposed to Kelsey and of course Kelsey said yes! Enjoy the love captured from tonight!

PS: To any photographers reading this, I did have my 100 mm available but because I was walking behind right them, I had my 35 mm ready to go at all times and did not need my 100 mm at all. Kelsey did not know me prior to the proposal so I easily could have been a bystander cruising along the Stone Arch bridge and it worked out!